FarmboxRx Launches Spring Health for 2022

FarmboxRx Launches Spring Health for 2022

In recent years mental health has become one of the most important pillars of health that people around the country are giving attention to. According to, “mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.” When someone’s mental health is in a good place they are able to cope with stress in healthy ways, form and maintain quality relationships, as well as express, feel, and manage both positive and negative emotions. On the other hand, when someone’s mental health is not in the strongest place, they may experience constant fear or worry, be unable to cope with stress, and may even withdraw from friends and society. 

At FarmboxRx we believe that health starts within and includes the foods you eat, in addition to the thoughts you think. To support mental health, beginning in 2022 all full-time FarmboxRx employees will receive a therapy package through our partnership with Spring Health. Spring Health offers personalized mental healthcare as a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. As we want to ensure the positive mental space of our team members, our employees will have 6 therapy sessions as a part of their benefits package. We are expanding our wellness incentives by including these mental health-supporting sessions, alongside the weekly fresh produce box our team members can receive. Having a fresh box of seasonal fruits and vegetables reassures us that, albeit virtual, our team has the opportunity to be healthy from the inside, out. Ashley Tyrner, founder and CEO of FarmboxRx states “eating a healthy diet is just one aspect of health. At Farmbox, we want to ensure that health is addressed from all angles, and that includes nurturing the mental health of our employees. By teaming up with Spring Health, we are working to continue to create and support a healthy workplace environment.” 

Why Mental Health Is Important

As we know, the brain is the epicenter for the entire functioning of the complex human body. Just like any organ in the body, when the brain is healthy, it’s contributing to the efficiency of the various systems running within. With mental health being a top concern for individuals all over the country, it is important to prioritize this pillar of health. When the mind is healthy, you are able to make healthy choices, relate to the people around you, manage stress, as well as realize your full potential. It can also affect your physical health given that the brain sends messages throughout the body. A healthy body runs on the directions received by a healthy brain. 

 3 Tips To Improve Mental Health

Eat More Fruits & Vegetables – We believe in using Food as Medicine as a form of preventative care. This approach focuses on healthy eating as a way to prevent diseases and medical conditions. Think of the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While this statement may not be entirely true, eating more fruits and vegetables is a great way to avoid and improve certain health conditions, as well as keep the mind in tip-top shape. According to this study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “high total intake of fruits and vegetables, and some of their specific subgroups including berries, citrus, and green leafy vegetables, may promote higher levels of optimism and self-efficacy, as well as reduce the level of psychological distress, ambiguity, and cancer fatalism, and protect against depressive symptoms.” That being said, eat up!

Exercise Regularly – Not only does exercising help maintain healthy weight levels, but it can also improve your mood, regulate your sleep cycle, and help you cope with depression and stress. When you work out, endorphins (the natural mood-boosting chemicals in the brain) are released. This is why even after what may feel like a challenging, tiring workout, you likely find yourself with lots of energy and in an uplifted mood. Whether you are walking for 30 minutes a day, doing at-home yoga, or riding a bike with a friend, prioritize your mental health by prioritizing daily exercise. 

Talk to a Professional – While the subject of mental health is being talked about more and more, unfortunately, there is still a slight stigma around the idea of seeking professional help. Just as you visit a doctor or dentist for routine checkups, there is nothing wrong with talking to an accredited individual to go over the depths of your mind. Everyone is unique and has gone through different life experiences that have shaped his or her mental health. Additionally, biological factors including genes or brain chemistry, and whether or not mental health problems run in the family can all contribute to how your brain processes information and views the world around you. Speaking with a professional and using a service such as Spring Health is one way you can help normalize nurturing your mental health. Through therapy sessions you can learn valuable, life-long coping mechanisms, improve your communication skills, feel happier, and learn more about yourself along the way. 

FarmboxRx is thrilled to encourage workplace wellness by partnering with Spring Health to offer our employees access to mental health services. We hope to continue expanding upon our mission to make nutritious foods and health literacy more accessible and affordable, beginning with our Farmbox family and stretching to homes all across the country. 


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