The Importance of Incorporating More Produce in Your Diet

The importance of incorporating fresh produce into one’s diet significantly increases as the body ages and becomes less and less capable of regulating certain functions that we need in order to stay healthy. That is, especially when it comes to those who suffer from illnesses or dietary restrictions.

Important nutrients

Fresh produce offers the richest source of vitamins and nutrients in food. Vitamins and minerals are vital when it comes to maintaining health, especially for those suffering from chronic health issues and illnesses. For example, produce such as leafy greens and oranges supply the body with calcium, a vital mineral for bone health. In addition to creating healthy bones that can help prevent osteoporosis, calcium also helps to lower blood pressure.

Fruits and vegetables contain many of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. These various nutrients are important for maintaining a healthy body as we age and become less resistant to health issues. Getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals through one’s diet will lead to better overall health.

Rich in fiber

As we age, fiber plays an even bigger role in our bodies, and without a sufficient amount, the body cannot function properly. Over time, the walls of the digestive tract become thicker and are slower to move food throughout our system. This may result in constipation and other stomach-related issues. All fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fiber. Fiber helps your body function properly processing your food and allowing your digestive tract to remain healthy.

waterKeeps you hydrated

Another important factor in staying healthy is consuming enough water because as we grow older, the body doesn’t conserve as much. Staying hydrated is necessary in order to stay healthy and feel your best! Eating or juicing produce is a great way to stay hydrated, as all produce contains some level of water. Juicy fruits like apples, pears, cucumbers, and celery, for example, all contain high amounts of water. Incorporating water-rich produce into your diet is an easy way to stay hydrated and keep your body running smoothly.

Fuels your body

As mentioned, fresh produce contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Although it can be harder to keep up on healthy eating as we grow older, the body’s needs more or less remain the same as when we were young. Fresh produce is high in nutrients, but is generally low in calories, making it easier to eat until you are satisfied without resorting to poor eating habits. In order to stay healthy, it is critical that you fuel your body with plenty of fresh produce.


Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet is the best option for maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. By eating or juicing your produce, fruits and vegetables can provide you with most of the nutrients that your body needs, especially as your body fights illnesses, disease, or the effects of aging. Eating plenty of fresh produce will help you to have better control over your health and wellbeing, so do your best to eat more fruits and vegetables!

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