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Welcome to Farmbox Living! Farmbox Living was created in the name of health and wellness as your go-to encyclopedia for living a healthy life. If you share a love for good food, a good workout, peaceful meditation, meaningful travel, natural beauty products, or sustainable living you’ve come to the right place.


Farmbox Direct

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Farmbox Direct was founded in 2014 with the mission to make high-quality, farm-fresh fruits & vegetables more accessible to everyone. It was launched in 2015 as the first subscription-based company to successfully ship fruits and vegetables across the country. Our farms and vendors are hand picked and all of our organic produce is USDA-certified. At Farmbox Direct, we take a great deal of pride in being one of the only options for millions of Americans to order farm-fresh, organic & natural produce for home delivery–bringing the farmers market, in its purity, to our customer’s doors. We believe in farm-to-table, the way food should be!
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Meet The Founder & CEO

Ashley Tyrner

Hi everyone, I’m Ashley a health & food-policy advocate, mother, and founder & CEO of Farmbox Direct, FarmboxRx, and Harlow’s Harvest. I built Farmbox Direct with the goal of helping to eradicate the food desert problem that America faces. Learn more about my story, what inspires me, and what I’m working on next here!
Ashley and Harlow

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